Contract Tools for the Construction Manager

Contract Tools for the Construction Manager
February 11, 2021 No Comments Assignment Assignment help

Last week, you spent some time reviewing the contracts that are widely used in the construction industry. This week, consider the specific role of the construction manager and the tools available to minimize risks associated with a project.

To prepare for this Discussion, you will first need to locate a copy of the AIA 121/CMc contract and the 500 series of the ConsensusDOCS. A quick Internet search should yield several examples of the contract in either partially completed or blank format – either will be satisfactory for the purpose of this Discussion. Next, review this week’s Learning Resources and respond to the following questions:

What are the similarities and differences between the 500 series ConsensusDOCS and the AIA 121/CMc version in terms of how the risks of time and cost are allocated?
Which contract would a construction manager prefer and why?