Identify and summaries the question or issues for the marketer.

Identify and summaries the question or issues for the marketer.
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Total 750 words+ 4 ppt
Complete each of the 3 critical thinking exercises below in essay format. Each answer should be approximately 1 page or 250 words. Answer each question as completely as possible
· Identify and summaries the question or issues for the marketer
· Consider the influence of context/environment
· Develop your reflections and present your observations from a marketing perspective.
· Demonstrated your knowledge of course concepts and learning objectives.
1. Chapter 2 – Critical Thinking Exercise
Go to and examine the brands offered by Kellogg’s. Using the BCG growth-share matrix, classify 10 brands as either stars, question marks, cash cows, or dogs. Find at least one product you believe fits into each of the four quadrants. Support your position.
2. Chapter 3 – Critical Thinking Exercise
Technological advances are perhaps the most dramatic forces affecting today’s marketing strategies. Imagine you are in the marketing department of a major brand familiar to you. How might new technologies affect the development of a marketing campaign for this brand targeting baby boomers? A campaign targeting Generation Z?
3. Chapter 5 – Critical Thinking Exercise
Identify a new product that you have recently adopted into your daily lifestyle. Discuss each step of the consumer buyer decision process as it relates to the purchase decision with your adopted new product. Then review the stages in the adoption process. When purchasing your new product, did you follow the decision process stages outlined in the chapter? Why or why not?
Assignment Deliverables – DUE FEBRUARY 22nd BY 11:59
Your completed assignment should be between 3 – 5 pages, 12 font, Word or PDF document
Include your name, student number, course title and date
Use proper grammar and cite all sources
Answer all three critical thinking exercises
Presentation Format
Presentation should be completed using (PowerPoint slides) approximately 5 – 7 slides.
You can narrate slides or submit notes. NB – if you narrate slides please upload PPT as a MP4 and upload using NIC MY Media.
You will submit a one-to page written summary of your presentation OR a Notes included in of your PowerPoint slides )

Presentation Assignment – Pick only one of the following two options

Option 1
Collect five to seven advertisements (could be images/Ads, or video content) and comment on how they apply to the cultural environment (See pgs 141-144). What effect do cultural values and beliefs have on marketing decisions? Relate this approach to what you learned about the marketing concept and value delivery in the previous chapters.
Suggestion: Think about what cultures you can define and describe, and then think about what products and services were created to cater to consumers in those cultures.
Option 2
Construct two simple surveys (about 3 questions each) that examine student attitudes towards attending college. This could be about class times, attendance or what ever “problem” or “insight” you want to share with the college.
One survey should contain open-ended questions only and the other only closed-ended questions. Be careful with your wording. Which of the two surveys do you believe would provide the greatest depth of information? Why?
Present your questions, your results.
Which of the two surveys would provide the greatest depth of information and why?
What kind of research would your questions be used for? Exploratory, descriptive or causal research?