Analyze the ethical problems or issues.

Analyze the ethical problems or issues.
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– Analyze the two cases ( IBM and WhatsApp) both in separately paragraphs/ pages. use the textbook and the case provided for the information. use book and critical thinking to analyze the case. support all the information with the textbook concepts and explain them well with the case.

1. Analyze the ethical problems or issues. In this part, adopting the position of a management consultant, and based on the information you have gathered, provide an in-depth analysis for your cases. You should analyze and understand the issue from a practical perspective. While closely related to step 1 and 2, analyzing step pays special attention to reflective writing and prompting, and intense and interactive critical thinking and in-depth analysis. This in dept analysis is based on the evaluation and use of the data that you have gathered and sifted through. You should identify both enablers and disablers of practicing ethical leadership in both cases. Synthesize information to solve problems. It is important to discuss your findings within the context of theories or models discussed in class. (e.g., leadership characters, organizational climate, weapons of influence, decision making, moral disengagement…). Your analysis should be clear, logical, and based on what you have learned from the class, the textbook, and other readings. It is often helpful to include tables and figures in the report to illustrate your findings, where applicable.

2. Generate suggested solutions. Given your analysis of the problem, generate key steps the organizations can take to address the issue of interest. You should recommend interventions and solutions based on your findings. Your suggestions should include practical steps the organizations can actually take given their constraints. In this section, you will provide a detailed account of the theory and research evidence to support your recommendations and solutions. Your suggestions should be based on guiding principles of ethical leadership learned in the course. Use your textbook chapters, and journal articles as resources to help develop your discussion. Please refer to APA guidelines for how to incorporate in-text citations of the textbooks or the articles you review.

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