Discuss Coastal Processes, Climate and Sea level change.

Discuss Coastal Processes, Climate and Sea level change.
April 14, 2021 Comments Off on Discuss Coastal Processes, Climate and Sea level change. Assignment Assignment help

The past coastlines can be observed in Google Earth, however these are somewhat tricky to pick out if you don’t know what you are looking for. So to help quantity this you will make two topographic profiles. Both will start at Cape Hatteras in the Outer banks (the current coastline). One will extend to the west (A-A’) and the other will extend to the east (B-B’). Use what we know about past sea level rise and fall and look for topographic “steps” in the landscape that are past wave cut terraces and beach ridges indicative of past shorelines. : 1-2 page lab report (absolutely no more!) This lab report should contain three labeled sections: 1) Introduction 2) Methods and results and 3) Discussion and conclusion section. The introduction should identify what concepts you were investigating and relate that to the guiding question. The methods and results should state what you did and the results without interpretation. The results should include a map like what is shown below showing the location of your transects and the plots from the Excel files. The Discusion / conclusion section should analyze the results. Conclusions should be clearly stated. Make sure you include the distance and direction from Cape Hatteras for the 22,000 year shoreline and the 120,000 year shoreline.


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