Baruch Spinoza, Ethics Part 1 and Part 2.

Baruch Spinoza, Ethics Part 1 and Part 2.
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Key term or concept: What is the term/concept? Based on the reading, what do you think it
means? What are some ideas associated with it? What would the consequences of this term or
concept be? Does it relate to any other concepts we have read about? Or, other thinkers?

Theme or question: What major question is at the forefront of this reading selection? What are
some of the author’s main points? How is it carried out or answered in the reading? Why is
this question or theme important to the author? How does it relate to other themes, questions,
or thinkers we have read about so far?

“Personal” Question: State up front what kind of question you have. What aspect of the
reading made you think of this question? Please summarize any necessary elements in order
to give the readers context for your question. Why does this question interest you?