Write a Short motivation explaining why iv choose Journal of Child & Adolescent Mental Health.

Write a Short motivation explaining why iv choose Journal of Child & Adolescent Mental Health.
April 17, 2021 Comments Off on Write a Short motivation explaining why iv choose Journal of Child & Adolescent Mental Health. Assignment Assignment help

These are some of the views of adoptees quoted in the paper on ′Identity and Adoption′ by Triseliotis. Adoption challenges both the adopted child and the adoptive parents, and many interacting forces shape the unique experience of adoption. Between 4 and 5% of the children referred to out- patient mental health clinics and 10 to 15% of children in residential care facilities, are adopted. More recently, Wierzbicki conducted a meta-analysis of 66 published studies that compared the psychological adjustment of adopted children and non-adopted children. We decided to explore whether findings of increased behavioural problems in adopted children hold true in the context of the different psycho- cultural environment and parenting practices in India. The study was therefore undertaken to compare the childhood psychopathology internalising and externalising symptoms of adopted and non-adopted children, and to compare the degree of social competence of the two groups. Various outcome measures were administered to the parents of these children including a semi-structured proforma, which collected details such as socio-demogra- phic data of the child and adoptive parents along with details regarding the adoption process i.e.age of the child at adoption, age of the parents and whether adoptees were aware of being adopted. This scale is the Indian adaptation of the Wechsler′s Intelligence Scale for Children, and has been standardised for the Indian population. The parents of the children from both groups were administered the PSQ, the ADHD Rating Scale, the Alabama Parenting Questionnaire, and the SAICA by a resident doctor in psychiatry. Results The mean age of the adopted children was seven years, and of the non-adopted children was 6. In the present study the number of females and males in the sample of adopted children was 17 and 13 respectively. The mean annual income of the families of adopted children was 3. The mean annual income of families of non-adopted children was 3. Discussion In the present study, parents′ ratings of behaviour problems on the PSQ were higher for the adopted children than for the non-adopted children. Jerome L.A comparison of the demography, clinical profile and treatment of adopted and non-adopted children at a children′s mental health center.


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