Principals of Management and Leadership.

Principals of Management and Leadership.
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Assignment in Project management and leadership for college students.
Including at least two scientific articles.
the literature books are : Project management the body of knowledge
and Leadership Research Findings, Practice, and Skills

The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to analyze a specific case or a situation such as problematic and /or best practice, taking a starting point in your engineering practice and work experience. The assignment could be for example, concern implementation of a new technological system, team work in innovative settings, problematic employees or managers, the role of communication in distributed work teams or some other aspect you would like analyze more deeply.

The main focus is to find a problem/situation which gives a possibility to analyze and reflect on why the situation occurs and how it could be managed. However, you report needs to address the following:

– Relate to processes of technological innovation, where possible, and particularly the role of leadership in such a process.
– Connect the individual leadership role to organizational performance (performance can be widely interpreted, does not have to be in financial terms).